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In 1996, Nelson established a Christian band from San Jose, California called the Friends of Jesus (FOJ) that plays a variety of music styles from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and the present. Nelson and his band began playing for local parish events such as retreats, youth rallies, and festivals. They eventually performed for events all over the United States such as the Los Angeles Religious Congress and National Conference of Youth Ministry in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2008, FOJ was one of two US music artists invited to perform internationally for World Youth Day in Barangaroo, Australia. FOJ has also released 3 albums that are currently available for purchase. When he’s not praising the Lord on stage or moving hearts with uplifting songs of worship, Nelson gives inspiring talks to youth and young adults. For over 20 years, Nelson has used his talents to spread the Gospel and its powerful message of love, forgiveness, mercy, and salvation through a beautiful relationship with God, His Son, and the Church. Through his music and dynamic talks, Nelson is able to connect the amazing events that happened over 2000 years ago with youth and young adults of today, touching their lives and opening their eyes to the beauty of our purpose here on earth. Nelson has committed his life to glorifying God and being a true witness of God’s love in this world.



As a seasoned singer and musician, Nelson shares his talents all over the United States and has performed internationally leading his band to play for events such as World Youth Day.

Worship & Music Leader

To draw others closer God, Nelson continues to provide moving musical accompaniment while finding ways to create an environment that encourages others to grow deeper in their faith.


Nelson offers his talents as an inspirational and religious educational speaker for hundreds of events around California, ranging from small groups to large youth rally events.


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